The 4 Best Running Routes in London

If you fancy getting on the move during your trip to London, or if you live there, then you may want to enjoy some of the beautiful running spots that the city has to offer!

All you need to do is put on your favourite pair of running or gym leggings and get ready to put a few miles in. These are all great whether you’re in serious marathon training or just fancy a slow jog to get some fresh air. Of course, if you’d prefer to walk, that’s fine too! 

Along The River Thames

If you really want to make the most of your run by seeing some of London’s most iconic landmarks, then you’ve got to head along the River Thames. Start at Big Ben, then head along South Bank until you get to Tate Modern. Cross over Millennium Bridge and then run all the way back down the other side of the river until you get back to Westminster Bridge.

This route is just under 4 miles, will help you see some of the best bits of London, and is great in any weather. 

Hyde Park 

For those of you who just want to head off running without worrying too much about the distance, Hyde Park is the place to go! This 350-acre park is one of the most beautiful parks in London and you can set off and just see where the route takes you. The perimeter is around 4.3 miles, or 7km, to give you a rough idea of how far you can go.

Of course, if you follow some of the smaller paths around the park and don’t just do one big loop, the distance will increase. This is such a beautiful run in one of the country’s most iconic parks, so make sure that you include this in your running plans whilst you’re in London. 

The Three Parks

If you want a slightly longer route, then this is the run for you! The three parks run will take you all around the perimeter of Hyde Park, so you can start the same as the previous run, and then when you get to the corner of Hyde park by Wellington Arch, you head right around the perimeter of Green Park, St James’ Park, past Buckingham Palace and then back to Wellington Arch.

This way you get to see a few more of the iconic landmarks that London has to offer. This route is about 7.5 miles long, so it is great if you want to go a bit further. 

Regents Park

Another fantastic run if you want to experience another of the Royal Parks is Regents Park. Across the entire park, you will find stunning gardens and landscapes, as well as lots of other runners.

You can run past London Zoo, Winfield House Grounds, Queen Mary’s Rose Gardens and so much more. There are local running groups that regularly meet in Regents Park, so if you want to explore the park with other people, then this is a great thing to do.