The Best Areas In London For Luxury Shopping

Shopping in London is a luxury experience in itself, but the designer shopping areas they have to offer are phenomenal. For people who love to splash their cash and shop till they drop, there is no better place to get your money's worth than to shop in London.

There is a reason why the most influential celebrities in the world are frequently seen in London. The lifestyle and souvenirs shopping scene is something out of a movie, so if you are looking for the best shopping locations for your luxury items, take a look at the following suggestions:

Bond Street 

Bond Street is renowned for its luxury hub. With designer stores, rare jewellers, and beautiful art, this historic area has always been a place for elegance and high earners. The elite people of London and visitors of the world often come to Bond Street for the sole purpose of spending a pretty penny.

The crisp white buildings that are the home of Bond Street designer stores add an extra touch of beauty to the environment. It is also known as Europe's second most expensive place to shop, hence why so many people shop to flash their wealth there. 

Hatton Garden

Hatton Garden is another staple luxury hub for the biggest of spenders searching for bespoke luxury. Hatton Garden is also known as one of the most famous jewellery quarters in the world, home to the most sought-after jewellers in the world. If you are looking for jewellery from antique engagement rings, limited edition bracelets, or million-pound watches, you will certainly find it shopping in Hatton Garden. 


If you have heard anything about London, you will know that Harrods is the place for luxury shopping. Established in 1849, Harrods has been the place to be for tourists and millionaires to shop their bespoke pieces. From cushion sets to cutlery, the seven floors have all genres of luxury goods to indulge in.

Tips For Shopping Luxury 

If you are looking to make the most out of your luxury shopping experience in London, there are some tips from shopping experts to find the most exclusive items that aren't readily on display for just anyone:

Ask the Assistant For Bespoke Items 

If you are shopping in London for luxury goods, you shouldn't neglect the importance of asking for assistance for private items that they keep for bespoke buyers. These can be items that can’t even be bought from other stores, which the assistants are told to keep behind closed doors until they find the right buyer.

If you don’t ask, you don't get it! Ask the assistant if they have anything, and make sure you build rapport to keep in the loop of any items that might be coming into their hands.

Hire a Personal Shopper 

Shopping around all the luxury stores in London can be a tiresome task, therefore it would be wise to enlist the help of a personal shopper. Personal shoppers are the best contact to have if you are looking for someone to either purchase the items for you or join you on your shopping trip to advise on what is worth the investment.

There are loads of personal shoppers looking for work in London, so get in touch with a few who specialise in what you're looking to buy.