Exploring The Rural United Kingdom

While tourists tend to visit the UK for its iconic cities such as London, Manchester and Edinburgh, there are plenty more reasons that you should explore the rural parts of the United Kingdom.

If you’ve already seen the historic city of London and are now looking for some fresh air, here is a look at some of the most beautiful places around the UK.

The Cotswolds


Located in Gloucestershire, England, the Cotswolds is a beautiful place in the southwest with rolling hills and meadows as far as the eye can see. A popular location for British people to visit for a weekend getaway, the Cotswolds is home to beautiful towns and cities such as Oxford, Bath and Bristol. You can come here for long hikes, shopping and to visit homely cafes and restaurants.



Located not too far from London, Eton is another visually stunning place with a lot of history. Home to Windsor Castle and the Royal Family. While it’s a wonderful rural place to visit, it's best to book tickets as it's a must-see destination in England. There are also plenty of parks to visit after your day of exploring historic architecture.

Lake District

lake district

One of the most visited national parks in the UK, the lake district offers mesmerising lakes, mountains and homely towns to wander around. If you’re looking to put on your backpack and watch band, climbing Scafell Pike, Great End and Helvellyn will give you some of the best views in the world. With dozens of mountains and hills, as well as 16+ lakes, the lake district is the perfect place for both summer and winter holidays.



Located in south-east Scotland, Crail is a wonderful fishing town full of character. While it’s certainly a long way from London, anyone travelling around the UK should visit some towns in Scotland, or if you’re looking for restaurants and bars for the evening, somewhere more local to Edinburgh. In Crail specifically, you can enjoy traditional fish and chips and other Scottish foods to try.



In the south of England, not far from Cornwall and Plymouth, you can bask in the beauty of Polperro, a wonderful seaside town. The old buildings offer the timeless charm of a fishing village as well as a great harbour to England quality meals. The hilly village also has beaches and turquoise waters to enjoy in the summer and if the sun isn’t shining (which is common in the UK) you can also go for countryside walks through miles of farmland. Polperro is also the perfect place to stay in a traditional cottage, so if you’re looking for a truly authentic UK experience, visit Cornwall and all the vibrant towns.

St Davids, Wales

st davids

If you’re looking for one of the UK’s most historical cathedrals, St Davids is an amazing place to visit. With Wales, you’re never far from the beautiful countryside to visit and heading to St David means you get the best of both worlds. There’s also the city to explore if you truly want to visit for the Welsh culture.